Finding Serenity

May & October Sailings Greece

An experiential journey. All the activities have been custom designed and are guided by a team of Blue Life Navigators to invoke a Blue Mind. A Blue Mind as described by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, PHD, “A mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peace, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the present moment.”

Our Finding Serenity Journeys are run May and October in the Greek Islands and can be custom designed with a minimum party of 8 throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Release to the Sea

All Year-round Mediterranean Journeys • Custom Designed Minimum 8 participants

A Journey in embracing Grief and its many waves. Release to the Sea journeys are offered year-round throughout the Mediterranean. They are designed to be a journey of remembrance and learning to embrace grief.


Reconnecting our Veterans to Civilian Life with the help of the Sea

Naples, Florida • November and May

Our returning Veterans struggle with re-entry into their civilian lives and reconnecting with their families. It is our duty to help them navigate through the process.

As proud supporters of the Non-profit organization Waterfront Warriors South, we will be introducing techniques, practices and daily life applications to empower veterans and their families with knowledge on how to navigate and reintegrate into their civilian lives.


Reconnect Rebalance & Renew

Florida & Bahamas • Private Corporate Group 8 minimum

In our Reconnect, Rebalance & Renew we are redefining the R & R Classic. We all know we need to exercise more, eat better and spend more time reflecting and less doing to restore the mind to its full capacity but how many of us actually understand how to apply it to our daily lives and make it become a way of life vs a temporary lifestyle trend.

Our Reconnect, Rebalance & Renew is a custom designed corporate journey. A Blue Life Navigator provides a consultation to help understand what is most needed for the team to re-energize to meet the demands of balance work objectives and family life.

Larger Corporate Journeys available in the Mediterranean


Mindfullness Journeys

Custom Programs • Offered Year-round

Are you a practitioner, life coach, functional medicine doctor, alternative medicine doctor and want to offer a unique platform to deliver your message of mindfulness reach out to us to find out how we can create a custom designed program for you and incorporate the healing qualities of the sea!



For reservations or more information:

Contact our Blue Life Navigators for more information on one of our Blue Life Journeys or ways that you can customize your own Blue Life Journey 

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