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Explore Blue Life

Explore our Health & Wellness Water Journeys and experience serenity, tranquility and a reconnection to our Oceans & Seas


Rest & Relax

Endless Blue Journeys are designed with you in mind. We know how hard you’ve worked to get here. You probably were in the office late finishing up that last minute project and haven’t even packed for your flight yet. We know and that’s why we have everything taken care of from the moment you arrive so you can begin to Rest & Relax - We’ve got this!

Contact us today to learn more how our yacht charter advisors don’t just source your yacht - we’ll have your preferred passion waiting for you upon your arrival.


Explore Endlessly

There are endless ways to explore the blue. It can be on a fancy yacht if that is your travel preference but it can also most definitely be on a simple sailing vessel equipped with everything you need to enjoy life at sea. All our yacht journeys are designed around how you want to experience the water. It all begins with a simple email. Click below tell us how do you dream about exploring the Endless Blue and we’ll make it happen for you!

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Yacht Cuisine

On board dining is an experience all on its own. From Sea to Serving - it doesn’t get fresher than that. Our on board Chefs create amazing creations with authentic aromas using local spices, local food and local cultural traditions. It’s designer dining because its made just for you! Each guest is individually profiled for their Food & Beverage preferences, as well as, dietary requirements. Struggling with food allergies and intolerances - no problem our Chefs can handle it!


Explore Authentically

A Simple Sailboat and a little wind is all you need to discover all the beauty that our seas have to offer. Meet the islanders in forgotten little islands where the locals greet you with the catch of the day.

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