To Antiquity and Beyond!

Day 1 Rhodes - Symi


Arrive in Rhodes and take a quick tour of the city and see one of the ancient 7 wonders of the world. Board your yacht where you crew will be waiting with your Set Sail cocktail and begin your journey through antiquity!


Day 2 Symi - Tilos

The island a Symi once a large center of ship building, today the island primarily survives off of fishing and tourism. The Monastery Panormitis is a must see regardless of religious background to view its impressive wood carvings and frescos


Day 3 Nisiros

It is said that Nisyros was born after a series of successive eruptions of the volcano, which is unique of its kind in Greece. The volcano of Nissiros island is considered to be still active and because of the easy access to its craters, thousands of tourists and scientists from all over the world visit it every year. The volcano and the serenity that one experiences in the picturesque villages of Nissiros island are two of its main attractions that will truly captivate you. 


Day 4  Kalimnos - Lipsi -Arkoi

The first thing that comes to mind when one talks about Kalymnos is the sponges. The island has been known for these for about 500 years now, and is a must when it comes to buying souvenirs. Lipsi in the center of the town is the impressive church of Ag. Ioannis Theologos (St. John the Theologician) with its blue dome and two bell towers. There, in a ground floor hall, is the archaeological collection of Lipsi, well worth visiting. 


Day 5- Marathi

The little gem known as Marathi has impressive cliffs and crystal waters. There are very few inhabitants and a great island to get to know the locals. Cliff diving and cave swimming is what you can expect on Marathi


Day 6 - Leros

The island of Leros is one of the few green islands. Rest, relaxation and beaches is what you can expect on the this island. The perfect location for some water sport activities and just taking it all in. 


Day 7 - Kos

Back to civilization and a more cosmopolitan atmosphere. A must see in the island of Kos is the town’s castle built by the Knights of Templar. Asklepeio is the most significant archaeological site on the island. During the ancient years, it served as a sanatorium and it was dedicated to Aesculapius, son of Apollo, protector of health and medicine. Many significant people taught and worked here, one of them being the father of Medicine, Hippokrates.


Day 8- Bodrum 

Bodrum is the site of the ancient city of Halikarnassus, where one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Mausoleum of Halikarnassus, once stood. Much of the Mausoleum was destroyed by an earthquake in the Middle Ages, but some ruins do remain, surrounded by beautiful gardens to stroll through.








  • All itineraries are subject to weather and sea conditions. The itineraries are suggested and no port of call is guaranteed.